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Veeam: Failed to initialize cipher context

Recently I stumbled upon a rare situation after I updated the clients Test environment to Veeam v9.5 update 2 ( From within our vRealize Automation portal we tried to delete a virtual machine, but not only that, we also wanted it to delete all backups on disk. So first it figures out if it is […]

Updated e-learning modules on VMware Partner University.

Recently, VMware updated their e-learning modules in the Partner University. Not only the new VSP and VTSP – SV (Server Virtualization 2017) accreditation came available but also the new VTSP – DaaS (Desktop as a Service 2016) accreditation was made available.   The following modules are new: VSP – SV (Server Virtualization 2017) – vSphere […]

New e-learning modules on VMware Partner University.

Recently, VMware extended their e-learning modules in the Partner University. Yesterday the new VTSP – DV (Desktop Virtualization 2016) accreditation was made available as well as the Sales and Technical e-learning modules concerning Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) as an achievement this very morning. The VTSP-DV (Desktop Virtualization) program helps those in a technical selling role […]

New IT Outcomes E-Learn Modules on VMware Partner University.

Recently, VMware extended their e-learn modules in the Partner University. In the “Partner Individual” section the following modules got added to the IT Outcomes module: IT Outcomes – Digital Workspace IT Outcomes – Data Center Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Extensibility IT Outcomes – Business Strategy “Accelerating the journey to Brave New IT by delivering the […]

VEEAM : All backup proxies are offline or outdated.

While helping a customer to install and extend their repositories to accomodate their GFS backups I came accross a weird error. What I did was this: I asked for some additional storage luns from the storage department to extend my physical proxies, who happens to be also a repository, like I said with an extra […]

My experience with Veeam and the Veeam VMCE 8 Exam

About two to three years ago a well respected colleague introduced to me the VEEAM product. I was still setting up my LAB and was in the same time in search of a fast, small and usable backup product. He convinced me of at least trying it. Back then, I believe it was version 7, it was […]

PSOD on installing ESXi 5.5

Recently while upgrading my homelab environment from ESXi 5.0 to ESXi 5.5, I stumbled upon a PSOD (purple screen of death) on one of my HP xw9400 workstations. After placing the ISO which I burned on a DVD (upgrading from within the VUM failed) in the host, the host booted and right after “Starting Scheduler” […]

vCenter 5.5 – What’s new?

Last month October I attended the VMworld 2013 in the always beautiful and sunny Barcelona. This year I attended a lot of sessions. Some sessions I attended just becasue I wanted to know more about a specific subject or just to get acquainted with specific products. One of the most interesting, from my personal point […]

SRM 4 after evaluation period.

  Today we stumbeld upon something quite interesting. We’ve tried to configure (protect) some VM’s in SRM4. But all of a sudden there was something like “There are not enough licenses installed to perform the operation.” After doing some investigation we found out that, at first sight, there was something weird going on with the […]