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Introducing Cloud Foundry

ITQ Recently became Pivotal partner (link: http://itq.nl/itq-becomes-pivotal-partner/). Pivotal is a VMware spin-off which focuses on turning ideas into running software quicker. They offer different products and services to help customers do that. But the product I want to focus on in this post is Pivotal Cloud foundry. What is Cloud Foundry? The Cloud Foundry website […]

The Why, What and How of Automation

The current digitization wave puts an ever increasing load on enterprise IT departments. At the same time the business is expecting shorter delivery times for IT services just to stay ahead of the competition. To keep delivering the right services on time enterprise IT needs a high degree of automation. This whitepaper explains why automation […]

VMware vRealize Automation and the SDDC

At VMworld Barcelona, VMware has announced vRealize Automation version 7. This version will be a big step forward fom the current 6.x version. The first improvement I would like to mention is the majorly simplified installation procedure. Before we dive into the details of the new features, first a short overview of vRA en why […]

Dutch VMUG UserCon 2015

On March 19th the Dutch VMUG UserCon 2015 will take place. It is being held in Den Bosch and you can find the agenda here. Most ITQers will attend the conference and two of us will even present a session. I will personally present a session together with Dennis on automation. The presentation title is “What […]

Fargo + Docker = Elasticity

In my previous blog post I looked forward to VMworld 2014. Last week during VMworld I attended some sessions covering the topics I discussed in that blog post. There is a lot of detail I could go into, but for now I just want to focus on how Containers and Project Fargo fit together. Or […]

VMworld and Technology trends

In two weeks the VMworld 2014 Europe conference will be held in Barcelona. The whole ITQ vUnit will be there and even a couple of non virtualization guys will be joining us. At the VMworld USA there were a couple of announcements which I hope to learn more about at VMworld Europe. I also spotted […]

Technical Update session 2014: SDDC

On June 25th the annual ITQ Technical update session took place. The main topic of the session was the Software defined Datacenter (SDDC). Three subtopics were covered: Software defined performance, Hyperconverged storage and Automation using vCAC and vCO. I had the honor to present both the first and the last topic. The presentation about “Software […]

Shoebox sized datacenter – The NAS Device

Today Dennis and I presented our Shoebox sized datacenter at the Italian VMUG Conference. You can find the slides of our presentation today in Italy here. We previously presented this during the Dutch VMUG Conference. You can find a post about the hardware here. I also wrote about the software we used and the performance results […]

PernixData tech preview @SFD5

At the fifth Storage Field Day, which was held on April 23 2014, PernixData gave the world a sneak preview into the next version of their flagship product FVP. Today FVP already gives us pooled flash resources with write-through and write-back support. Because of the write-back support PernixData made sure the the FVP platform is […]

Shoebox size datacenter – The Performance

Here it finally is, the blog about the performance we achieved with our shoebox sized datacenter at the NLVMUG conference. I discussed the hardware and software in my previous posts. Let me quickly explain the test setup first though. Test setup We used three virtual machines running ubuntu 12.04, one VM on each NUC. Each […]