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Aankondiging: ITQ stopt met ontwikkeling EUPSCO

UPDATE: Onlangs maakten we bekend de ontwikkeling en support voor EUPSCO, ITQ’s End User Portal voor System Center Orchestrator, te zullen stopzetten. We willen iedereen hartelijk bedanken voor alle positieve berichten en feedback naar aanleiding van deze bekendmaking. Op het moment zijn we met een paar mogelijke partners in gesprek die interesse hebben getoond in […]

Reading json from your slimme meter

or smart electricity meter if you prefer English.. It is the meter that will get installed in every dutch home in the near future, and because my meter got swapped the other day, I already own one. It looks like this: They call it smart because it is able to send its readouts to the electricity […]

My 2 cents on Build 2014

The  //build/ 2014 keynotes So keynotes aren’t usually that exciting; a new version of this, a feature there, a service pack here.. This is not true for the Microsoft //build/ keynotes this year. Microsoft announced some exciting stuff in my opinion, let me explain why (in no particular order). Internet of Things Microsoft has been […]

Build 2014

//build/ To keep up with the latest and greatest, this year the entire ITQ development unit will be attending the Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2014 in San Francisco, Build 2014 for short. The last time we went it was called the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) back in 2009 in Los Angeles. It’s not easy to […]

Filling your resource file

So, you started a project with several Entity Framwork 4+ code first models. And you use data annotation attributes in combination with resource files to set your displaynames and error messages. Like so: Now, if you want to fill the resource file initially, it would be nice to copy paste something into it.. but this […]

Moving on to End User Portal for SCO 1.20

Moving on to End User Portal for SCO 1.20 Thanks guys! What started as a small project to improve the working of Orchestrator has now evolved into a grown-up End User Portal. And we couldn’t have done it without you! Seeing you download our tool in such numbers strengthens our belief that there is a […]

TFS build and typescript

If you include typescript in your project like Scott Hanselman describes here, you end up with this in your csproj file: <Target Name=”BeforeBuild”> <Exec Command=”&quot;$(PROGRAMFILES)Microsoft SDKsTypeScript.8.0.0tsc&quot; @(TypeScriptCompile ->’&quot;%(fullpath)&quot;’, ‘ ‘)” /> </Target> Which is fine and works… until you try to build this with TFS build. Your build will likely with an error like this: C:Builds2ITQZorin […]

Windows 8 RP, VS 2012 RC and IIS Express 8 beta

As soon as it came out I downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview and Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate. The first thing I want to try are the new web development features so I decided to open an existing MVC 3 project I am working on. This MVC project is nothing special, created with the […]


Disclaimer: this is written for the Windows 8 Developer Preview That’s a new property on the ListViewBase in Metro Style Windows 8 apps. ListView and GridView inherit from this base. I think it’s a GREAT feature.. it allows the user to drag around items in the gridview or listview and animates this nicely: But, there are some […]

Inherit the asp.net menu control

I want to make a very specific menu, so I decided on creating a custom menu control like this: public class MyMenu : System.Web.UI.WebControls.Menu I want to override the existing menu control to be able to use the databinding capabilities, I want to use this menu with a sitemapprovider. To be able to create my […]