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SignalR hub authentication with ADAL JS (part 2)

In part 1 of this post I described how to solve the first part of the problem: making sure the JWT token we got from ADAL JS gets sent to the server (i.e. the SignalR hub). Part 2 describes how the server extracts the token, validates it and create a principal out of it. In another post, […]

SignalR hub authentication with ADAL JS (part 1)

In a previous post I described how to use ADAL JS with Azure AD role-based authorization. This works fine when you’re securing a Web API or MVC backend. However, what about SignalR hubs? In short, SignalR enables real-time communication between a client and a web server. The client can call methods on a so-called hub and […]

Combining ADAL JS with role-based security in ASP.NET Web API

In October 2014, Vittorio Bertocci introduced ADAL JavaScript. This library makes it possible for single-page-apps to use Azure Active Directory authentication from within the browser. ADAL JS uses the OAuth2 Implicit Grant for this. The introductory blog post and an additional post when v1 was released explain in detail how to configure and use the library. […]

Sliding expiration with Reactive Extensions

I learned about Reactive Extensions (Rx) about four years ago and have been using it since on several projects where appropriate, learning new stuff on the way. Yesterday I wanted to implement a sliding expiration algorithm using Rx and since other people might benefit from it, I thought I’d share my code. First of all, […]

Azure WebJobs dependency injection with SimpleInjector

Azure WebJobs is a great way to run asynchronous, long-running or periodic jobs alongside an Azure website. Since version 1.0.1 the WebJobs SDK supports instance methods to be scheduled or triggered instead of only static methods. So before 1.0.1 we could have a trigger method signature: public class Functions { public static void ProcessQueue([QueueTrigger(“input”)] string […]

Azure DocumentDB performance

UPDATE: I promised testing from within the data center and more documents to test against. Check out the bottom of the post for additional interesting results. Spoiler: data center performance is really good! On August 21 Microsoft released Azure DocumentDB. As the name implies, it’s a document database. It allows schema-less JSON documents that can […]