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Cloud Native @VMworld Barcelona

It’s starting to become some sort of a tradition: like the last few years Barcelona is the venue of the European leg of VMworld. As became clear when we visited VMworld US last month, there is a lot of attention for a new movement in the world of IT: cloud native applications. During VMworld Barcelona, […]

VMworld 2015: beyond virtualization

What do you base your selection on when buying some piece of technology? Is it the core functionality, or the added features? As Kit Colbert aptly stated in his VMworld DevOps program Keynote, customers at this point implicitly assume the core functionality of almost any given product will be alright, and base their choices on […]

Getting started with Lattice

In April, Pivotal released Lattice, a platform for hosting cloud native applications which is aimed at being accessible and convenient for developers. However, it’s not just that: it’s also a testbed for the new elastic runtime codename ‘Diego’ which we will likely see incorporated in the next version of Lattice’s big – enterprise ready – […]

Down the rabbit hole: JIT Cache

Some weeks ago I was working on a heavyweight .NET web application and got annoyed by the fact that I needed to wait forever to see changes in my code at work. I don’t have a slow machine, and where the initial compilation of the .NET/C# was pretty fast, the loading – dominated by Just-In-Time […]

Contract first WCF service (and client)

There seems to be a popular misconception stating WCF is obsolete/legacy, supposedly because it has been replaced by new techniques like ASP.NET WebAPI. For sure: since WebAPI was created to simplify the development of very specific – but extensively used – HTTP(S) REST services on port 80, it’s clear if you are developing a service […]

Why so many IT projects fail

In the first year of my physics education at TU Delft, I had a mandatory course labelled ‘ethics of engineering and technology’. As part of the accompanying seminar we did a case study based on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster with a small group of students. If you don’t know what went wrong: in a […]

Compile time marshalling

In one of my posts about managed/unmanaged interop in C# (P/Invoke), I left you with the promise of answering a few questions, namely: can we manually create our own marshalling stubs in C# (at compile time), and can they be faster than the runtime generated ones ? A bit of background It’s funny that when I raised […]

Why developers don’t make millions of dollars

Let’s start with a riddle: what does a developer do to unwind at the end of a frustrating day at the office ? Answer: he goes home and takes some time to write more code. So, does this mean all developers are workaholics ? Highly questionable: why would there be more workaholics in development than […]

Build 2014: it’s a good time to be a developer

At this year’s build conference keynote, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella said: “it’s a good time to be a developer”, and after seeing all MSFT’s announcements that came in the following days, I believe he was right. The new MSFT has openness written all over. Anders Hejlsberg physically pushed the button on stage to make […]

Abstractions and performance

When it comes down to performance, enterprise developers are lazy, especially the managed (Java/.NET) kind. After all, when performance problems pop up experience tells you it’s always a question of database, disk I/O or network latency issue in the end, right ? Well not always. One of the main objectives in the creation of managed […]