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Generating an RSS feed in ASP.NET WebPages.

I recently found out that ASP.NET WebPages are the greatest thing ever for small web experiments/projects. You can think of the WebPages framework as MVC but without the M and the C, pretty much just Views. The power in WebPages comes from Razor. If you can write it using Razor, you can stick it in […]

Basic page layout using CSS Flex

In an earlier post I promised to show a layout based on the CSS flex system that looks a little bit more like an actual web page layout instead of just a bunch of columns. If you want to know about flex in a bit more detail, check that post out. Here is a basic […]

The new Microsoft?

On this year’s Build conference in San Francisco, Windows, Windows Phone and Azure were the stars of the show. Lots of new features being added across the board making the platform even better than it already was. The web, or web development were not really put in the spotlights but Microsoft made it very clear […]

Flexing the boxes with CSS Flex

Every time I do a column layout I end up with some hackery to make everything look nice. With the new(ish) flex CSS styles, this should all be thing of the past. Flex is a prefect fit when it comes to aligning content in to self sizing and positioning blocks! We could take a look […]

The Internet Explorer clearbutton

The application I am currently working on uses a lot of AJAX calls to GET and POST data to and from the server. One of the features is an auto-completing search. We have a list of items, the user can type in some text and the list automatically filters itself. Along comes IE10 with some […]

UEFI BIOS and USB Install

So my notebook got replaced a little white ago (I now have a Dell XPS 15) and it comes with a UEFI BIOS. Wanting to start with a clean slate to set up my development environment I downloaded a Windows 8 ISO from MSDN and installed the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (can be found […]

Getting started with TypeScript and KnockoutJS

So there is this new thing called TypeScript. Which is a pretty cool superset of plain old javascript that adds type support and with that a whole bunch more cool stuff like classes, interfaces and modules. I like to use KnockoutJS for my pages, because.. well, it makes working with data-driven pages super easy! I […]

Fluent data-access

Working in a team of developers, the following might happen: Developer 1 creates a piece of UI and adds a method to load data into said UI. The method he creates is called GetUserInfo(…) Here comes Developer 2 and he also creates a piece of UI that displays user info. Developer 2 however, needs to […]