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Meeting NEN regulatory healthcare compliance

Starting January 1st 2016, compulsory reporting regarding data leaks and security breaches is in effect as part of the modernization of information confidentiality and security standards, issued by the Dutch government – in accordance with the Dutch DPA1. This means any organization handling personal data (such as patient information) is required to report these. Healthcare […]

NSX licensing changes

Disclaimer: This post contained NDA information which was not allowed to be published and has been removed.  Today VMware has made a change many of us have been asking for, and one which is warmly welcomed: A tiered licensing model for NSX has been announced. One of the biggest issues with NSX for both customers […]

NSX: the revolution of IT infrastructure security

At last week’s VMworld 2014, the award for most attention generated clearly goes to NSX. Not only were there over 50 sessions spread throughout the event and a significant amount of vendors focusing on highlighting integration of NSX with their product, but close to 40% of the Hands on Labs were running a single course: SPL-SDC-1403 – VMware […]

Horizon 6: what’s in it for you?

VMware has just officially announced their new release of Horizon, and it’s by no means a minor update. If you’re doing anything VDI-related, this should definitely be on your watch list for the coming time. With Horizon 6, some big changes are coming to the VDI landscape. Clouds over the Horizon First of all, with the acquisition […]

Automating PernixData FVP – Part 2: Configuration

Last time I described how to automate the deployment of PernixData FVP, including the esxi kernel modules and the mangement server. Now, fortunately PernixData has managed to become VMware partner certified, which means that you can now install the vibs through update manager, or if you use powerCLI, you won’t have to use the flag […]

PowerCLI – Automating vSphere Metro clusters with tagging

One of my customers has recently implemented a new NetApp based Metro cluster, and their intention is to do as much deployment hands-off through tools such as Chef, Vagrant and Knife. This means that developers and application operations can deploy virtual machines without going through ops first. However, since NetApp is active/passive, this also means […]

Powercli snippets – datastore tagging

One of my current customers is working on automating their environment as much as possible, and part of that is trying to make standard operations repeatable through tools such as PowerCLI. Since they are in the process of setting up a reasonably sized environment from scratch and hate clicking the same button over and over […]