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Visual Februari 2016

Transformation – keeping the pace

Is speed the new currency? A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with Gartner and a few clients where we discussed this. Over the past weeks, I’ve read a lot of information about this new ‘currency’, talked to people and gave it some thinking. Sometimes, a topic gets hold of you and won’t let go, right? From documents by organizations such as Philips, Dell and Salesforce that I’ve been allowed to read, I gather this is a topical subject for others as well.

Speed is a key factor when executing any transformation project: how fast can you go from idea to production? Whether it’s functional, infrastructural, or offering new possibilities to end users: everybody wants their new technology yesterday. Here lies a danger: too much speed often results in cutting corners and the need for rework. In fact, I’m interested in controlled speed, to be able to deliver new technologies in a fast and efficient way while still respecting requirements. Furthermore, it’s important to realize how strongly speed and costs are connected; not only by the hours spent on a change, but also the Return On Investment (ROI). Nowadays, hardly anyone has the time or budget for a four-year business case with a transformation time of 1,5 years.

The key to keeping a high pace is having a clear vision on your organizational goals. Aligning your business and IT strategy allows you to make the right fundamental decisions. While some organizations need to plan for growth or downsizing at any moment, other organizations just require the enablement of growth. It’s essential to take small steps towards your goals, to keep the ability to make adjustments along the way. Nowadays, the variables are so many and diverse, it’s almost impossible to determine which developments will affect you 12 months from now, be it positively or negatively. In other words: design for change.

Elaborating on the subject of speed and transformation, ITQ is hosting a round table event on March 10, focusing on End User Computing/Business Mobility. We have invited Brian Gammage as a guest speaker to share his ideas. We will cover questions like: “How can we offer end users the tools needed to maximize their daily efforts delivered with the right user experience, flexibility and security?” and “How are you solving problems with legacy applications?”.

Due to current technology, I think it’s possible to answer such questions and implement solutions at a much higher (but still controlled!) speed than organizations were used to over the last decade. If you’re interested in attending this round table session, send an email to


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Francisco Perez van der Oord



Digital Transformation Conference

The EMC Federation, a strategic alliance of technology organizations, including VMware, will host its first joint conference tomorrow. This event, focussing on digital transformation, will revolve around optimally making use of technological developments to allow businesses to grow and thrive. ITQ will be attending; hope to see you there!

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Wanna get on board?

ITQ has been growing and traveling fast! So fast, we need some extra brains and hands. Our mission for the time to come is to be the number one. We already have lots of innovative and crazy ideas, but we can’t reach the stars without your talent and enthousiasm. Let’s make the extraordinary happen… We are ready to beam you up!

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Round Table End User Computing & Business Mobility

We love to get inspiration from events and partners, and we especially enjoy sharing this inspiration. That’s why we will be hosting an exclusive round table event on the 10th of March. We will discuss the evolution of IT operations and management, as well as some customer cases revolving around the optimization of Profile Management, User Experience and Application Delivery. Interested?

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vmwareEUC scoops

Today, VMware is making announcements about their digital workspace vision and technologies in an online Breaking News Event. For those of you who, like us, are interested in the latest news on VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture for IT: register here. As a strategic partner, we had the privilege of previewing some of the newest technologies. So starting tonight, don’t forget to:

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Virtual Report – From idea to production in one day


Virtual Report

From idea to production in one day

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of application purchases supporting digital business will be ‘build’, not ‘buy’. The ability to deliver software is therefore no longer a differentiator, but instead a basic need for survival. I’ve shared my vision on this topic before: In the near future, success will depend upon making optimal use of IT. Successful organisations will be those who use innovation to be disruptive towards competitors.

Talking to Kit Colbert (CTO Cloud Native Apps VMware) during VMworld San Francisco reinforced my belief that VMware will be the platform to accommodate this disruptive approach. Their close collaboration with Pivotal and Docker will support ITQ’s strategy even further and help our clients to create opportunities and gain competitive advantage. That’s why we have put a lot of energy into our new Cloud Native Apps Team, that will enable our clients to go ‘from idea to production in one day’. You will find more on our Cloud Native Apps proposition later in this newsletter.

Next up on our itinerary is VMworld Europe. ITQ will be represented in Barcelona by over 20 consultants to gain knowledge, get in contact and be inspired. We hope to welcome a lot of you at the Benelux Party, of which we are Gold Sponsor this year. And if the party alone is not inviting enough, perhaps the chance to win a great prize is 🙂

Over the past few months, we have been able to strengthen team ITQ with several passionate consultants. We’re very pleased they have made the decision to join us. We’ve also recently issued a press release to announce the appointment of our Chief Commercial Officer. We feel this acquisition is a next step in the development of ITQ, which will allow me, personally, to play a more active role in current and future projects.


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Francisco Perez van der Oord


Cloud Native Apps

For companies to be able to compete in the near future, an approach is required that enables a fast time to market, while maintaining stability, availability and durability. That’s where Cloud Native Apps come in. The mission: From idea to production in one day.


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VMworld San Francisco

Over the past ten years, the VMworld US conference has turned into one of the largest in the IT industry. The size of the current event reflects how disruptive the x86 virtualization technology has been. In recent years, most of the conferences were an evolution of the x86 virtualization revolution; only very rarely a new technology emerges that pushes the established order.

This was one of those years.

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VMworld Barcelona

We’re very much looking forward to the conference next week. Based on the US conference, we’re expecting a lot of interesting sessions on Mobility, NSX, Horizon, and a lot more. There will even be a Cloud Native track this year! And of course, ITQ will be blogging in full force.


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Party toastLet’s party!

This year, we thought it would be nice to give back a little during VMworld Barcelona. So we decided to be a Gold Sponsor for the Benelux party. We hope to meet you there for a toast! Also.. we’re giving away a rather cool prize to one of the attendees… 🙂

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Press Release – ITQ welcomes Jeanette den Hertog as Commercial Director

Wijk aan Zee, October 5, 2015 – Professional Services provider ITQ has appointed Jeanette Den Hertog Commercial Director. As per 1 December, she will strengthen the management team of ITQ and bear responsibility for all commercial activities.

Jeanette den Hertog has previously held various positions within the IT sector; in her latest position she was Client Executive at Quint Wellington Redwood.

“In Jeanette den Hertog, ITQ has found a commercial director with seniority ánd knowledge of the solutions we offer our customers to address their IT organizational issues,” says Francisco Perez van der Oord, Chief Executive Officer at ITQ. “Jeanette offers a wealth of experience within the IT sector as well as an understanding of the current disruptive forces and their consequences. Therefore, it is with pride and confidence we welcome Jeanette as captain of the sales team and as an asset to management.”

“ITQ is specialized, highly focused on innovation and very people- and customer-oriented. Aspects that greatly appeal to me.” says Jeanette den Hertog. “In addition, I’m interested in translating technological innovation to added value for the customer.”

About ITQ
ITQ, the Dutch independent VMware knowledge partner, specializes in professional services around the VMware product portfolio and its ecosystem. Aiming to help customers accelerate and facilitate their business by optimizing the use of virtualization technology, ITQ’s areas of expertise include End User Computing, Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Native Applications.

More information:
Francisco Perez van der Oord, CEO
Tel.: +31 (0)6 21266997

Virtual Report – How to adjust to disruption


Virtual Report

How to adjust to disruption

I’ve stated this before: in this disruptive world, with its tsunami of new technology rolling our way, it’s very important to adjust our choices and business models in a much shorter period of time than we’re used to. This presents us with two major challenges: keeping the knowledge of our consultants at a consistently high level and determining which market innovations are suited for solutions we can present to our clients.


Keeping knowledge at a high peak and up to date starts with making clear choices: what to do and what NOT to do. This focus gives us the drive to become the best-in-class. Besides focus, we invest in knowledge of all our employees. We encourage them to be active in the community, have them working on practices, organize consultant vs. client meetings, invite them to go to seminars and offer them the right trainings. But first and foremost: we offer them time to do so. A consultant nowadays cannot keep up with current developments by putting in a few weeks of training and investing private time at night. Besides challenging and innovative projects, they need time to gain knowledge, write blogs and do a lot of hands-on experience; we accommodate this on an individual level.


The other challenge involves our clients: not all new ‘tsunami technology’ is suited for them, but what is? To determine whether and how new technologies can benefit our clients, we established an Innovation Board. The Innovation Board is a selected group of consultants supported by project managers, board members and sales & marketing to discuss our practices, lessons learned, future technical possibilities and the road ahead. They also learn and adopt new technologies and develop new approaches. Additionally, they train our colleagues and communicate to assure the best knowledge and solutions are brought to our customers. People and processes play an important role in this.

Where to start

The challenges we’re facing at ITQ often also exist among our clients. Certain solutions will result in more revenue, but time, knowledge and experience to investigate and implement them are sometimes lacking. To offer clients a fast and low profile way to get acquainted with new innovations, we’ve developed accelerators. An accelerator encompasses a pre-production environment which shows the potential of new technology and is set up by a combined effort between ITQ and a client(-team). The environment can be on- or offsite and is completed within an agreed period of time. Managers, end users and administrators can experience the new technology hands-on in this environment and receive an early on-the-job training, thus determining whether it can be beneficial to their business needs. Want to read more about our accelerators? A number of them can be found online. If your solution/product isn’t there, feel free to contact us.

If you’re a frequent reader of this newsletter, you will hopefully have noticed by now I’m very interested in how technology can benefit our clients. If you want to exchange ideas with me (non commercial!), don’t hesitate to send me an email: these talks give me energy and I will gladly pay you a visit.


Avatar_Trimmed_FranciscoEnjoy reading,

Francisco Perez van der Oord



You want to get your infrastructure to the next level, but you or your organization are cautious to invest in new solutions. And rightly so. Get started in a fast and low profile way to get acqainted with the potential of a new technology in a pre-production environment and let your organization experience it hands-on, gaining an on-the-job training. Use an accelerator and let ITQ work with you to discuss, deploy and assess a solution.

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Advisory Board

To challenge the CxO’s on a strategic and tactical level, we organize regular meetings with selected advisors with expertise on a range of disciplines, such as Sales, Finance, Technology and Company Leadership. This past month, we’ve been able to proudly welcome an impressive selection of advisors. We’re in good company!

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The right time for a vSphere 6 upgrade!

In march of this year, VMware released vSphere 6. Our experience allows us to say that now, after a few minor releases of this version, is a good moment to start planning your “Production” upgrade. The main reason? Its so-called Hybrid Cloud readiness: a lot of new features are there to create a Virtual-Machine-Centric infrastructure.
Read about the technical features of this latest vSphere version, or:

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TUS 2015

A month ago, we hosted our annual Technical Update Session, with sessions on Disaster Recovery to the Cloud (vCloud Air), Next-Gen Apps and End User Computing; beyond the virtual desktop. For those of you who missed it (and the smart watches) and those looking for more information: the slide decks and blogs are online.
Hope to see you all next year!

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VMware vSphere 6.0 – Going for distance, going for speed

VMware vSphere 6.0 has been released some time ago now; the first .0 version bugs are being patched and the compatibility matrix is filling up quickly. Is it time to move? Yes. VMware vSphere 6.0 has many new features and scalability properties that make it interesting for existing (refresh) and new environments. Especially if your starting point is before 5.5.

Let’s highlight some of the reasons you can choose to upgrade to vSphere 6.0:
• Grid vGPU support in Horizon (with combination of Horizon 6.1)
• New Hardware support, the latest chip sets, devices and guest os.
• Virtual Volumes (VVOL’s).
• New and improved VSAN. Two tier read-intensive or write intensive flash configuration, 64 hosts clusters and fault domain support.
• New vMotion works across tradition logical and physical boundaries (vCenter to vCenter migrations) if all requirements are satisfied.
• New FT support, supporting up to 4vCPU’s. This can be used for protecting business critical application components.
• New scalability support, increased limits for hosts, VM’s and vCenter Server Appliance.
• Improved speed of the vSphere Web Client.
• Improved vCenter Architecture; VMware Platform Services Controller Introduced. The PSC contains common infrastructure services such as vCenter Single Sign-On, VMware certificate authority, licensing, and server reservation and registration services.
• New Content Library, which aims to help collect and organize ISO images, templates, vApps, scripts, etc. in one easy-to-find location

Like each new version you will have to make some considerations and get yourself familiar with the upgrade procedure and new features. This can take some time (vSphere 6.0 has one of the longest release notes), and a test/dev strategy before hitting production with all these new and fancy features. Don’t forget all the systems that interact with the vSphere infrastructure, for example identity sources, backup, VDI brokers, hardware and even VMware’s own products should be checked (start with interoperability matrix) and matched with vSphere 6.0. Preferably some learned lessons report of a previous project will help to gain insight in what interoperability in your environment looks like.
ITQ can help you with analysis, planning and doing the upgrade or new implementations of vSphere 6.0 and the components, for any or all project phases! And as we do these kinds of projects at a lot of customer environments, we can apply our best practices and lessons learned and convert them to a direct success for your project. Let us help your organization to get to the next level.

ITQ’s Technical Update Session: TUS2015

Wednesday June 24th 2015

The ITQ virtualization consultants are very much involved in the VMware community, they follow their “Passion for Technology” which brings them to all sorts of community events like VMworld conferences, VMware Partner Exchange, VMUG Days, Storage Field Days, DevOpsDays etc.

This allows us to present the ITQ Technical Update session: a yearly event organized and presented by the ITQ consultants. During this event we will take you through the latest trends and will share our vision and our ideas about where the virtualization and cloud market is going.

For this year’s sessions we have focused on the following three topics;

• vCloud Air – DR to the Cloud
• Next-Gen Apps – Pivotal CF
• End User Computing – Beyond the virtual desktop

Learn more about this event and register here.

Virtual Report – Dependably independent


Virtual Report

Dependably independent.

We previously introduced you to our renewed focus and corresponding slogan:
the Dutch independent VMware knowledge partner.
Since then, we received a lot of feedback on our vision and where we are headed; mainly positive and all much appreciated. I think it’s crucial to keep discussing, questioning and developing our view and roadmap.
That’s why I’m also grateful for your questions about our new slogan. This might mean we triggered something and created some food for thought. The question that came up most, is: “How can you put together ‘independent’ and ‘VMware’ in one slogan?”. This slogan, which seems like a contradiction, actually reflects our vision perfectly. So if you were wondering about it, I invite you to read my blog.


Avatar_Trimmed_FranciscoEnjoy reading,

Francisco Perez van der Oord


Technical Update session

On June 24th, the annual ITQ Technical Update Session will be held: an event organized and presented by the ITQ consultants. During this event, we will take you through the latest trends and share our vision and ideas about where the virtualization and cloud market is going. This edition will focus on vCloud Air, Next-Gen Apps and End User Computing.

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Health Check (+)

To stay on top of innovation and the latest technology, we founded the ITQ Innovation Board. With regular meetings to discuss our practice, future technological possibilities and the road ahead, we challenge and develop our expertise, service and solutions to make sure you get the best.

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VMUG-logoVMUG Conference 2015

On March 19th, Dennis and Chris held a session at the Dutch VMware UserGroup Conference about the power of automation. Are you interested in automation in general and how to optimize for it and looking for some awesome interactive demo’s, then you can still register for the VMUG conference in Belgium on the 11th of June.

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brilMake it count

Last weekend, the 24th edition of the Roparun was held. ITQ is proud to be a small part of this by supporting one of the teams and contributing to a great cause. The proceeds thus far are over €2M, but of course any donation is still very welcome. Read about Roparun here, or

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Press release – ITQ announces spin-off Provisior

The current management team of Provisior and the managing board of ITQ are announcing the spin-off of one of ITQ’s flagship products. After 8 years of operating under the wings of ITQ, Provisior will proceed independently from the 1st of May under the company name Provisior.

Provisior is an end user self service portal which has been deployed in Dutch midsize and enterprise companies since 2008, resulting in the automation of over one million manual operations. To organizations like Fokker, a.s.r. and Dutch ministries, Provisior is the enterprise app store for automated, controlled delegation of IT resources.

“Led by the current management team, the spin-off of Provisior allows us to pursue a different business strategy and apply more focus, drive innovation and achieve a shorter time-to-market. Building on the growth and success of recent years, this will ensure our continued development of expertise and our staying ahead in developing and managing a unique solution for End User Portals & Computing”, says Francisco Perez van der Oord, CEO of ITQ. “The equity ratio will remain unchanged for the time being, but this corporate split enables us to attract potentially interested parties for the future.”

All partners and investors involved are confident the spin-off of Provisior creates a solid foundation for growth and continuity, which is entirely in line with the wishes of existing customers, to whom the current change will have no legal implications.

About ITQ, Dutch independent VMware knowledge partner
Founded by Paul Geerlings and Francisco Perez van der Oord in 2001, ITQ set out to gather a group of consultants with a shared passion for technology to proudly work on the best IT infrastructure projects. With expertise on the entire VMware proposition and ecosystem, ITQ focuses on being an independent knowledge partner and bringing their customers the best Software Defined Data Center, End User Computing and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Contact: Martijn van Tol, Commercial Manager ITQ – +31 251 82 88 03


As announced earlier, ITQ has stopped the development and support for the End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator. This meant EUPSCO was looking for a new home. Today, we can happily announce a perfect home has been found and EUPSCO will be moving to Austria. The support and development will be taken over by Michael Seidl under the new name of SCOOSP! So keep an eye on the website to follow the developments and don’t hesitate to get in contact for questions and custom solutions. The EUPSCO forum will also travel to Austria and remain active.

Please contact us for more information on the take-over of EUPSCO or on developing your own solution.

Virtual Report – The only constant is change


Virtual Report

150124 Afbeelding_600x400px

The only constant is change.

And we’ve made a few changes lately. First, you’ll notice our newsletter is in English. This was a big step for a Dutch company with lots of Dutch customers. But the world of IT has little boundaries and we want to be able to connect to all of our relations and likeminded friends. Which brings me to my next point: our new slogan:
the Dutch independent VMware knowledge partner.
We’ve shared the VMware vision for some time now and believe it opens the door to empowering businesses through their IT infrastructure. Simplifying, it all comes down to leveraging applications to users: one cloud, any application, any device. That’s why we will focus on how to get there: through the Software Defined Data Center, End User Computing and the Hybrid Cloud. So what exactly is our expertise and how do we turn it into business value for our customers? We hope our new website will answer those questions.
So, a lot of changes, which is how we like it. We hope you’ll like it too.



Avatar_Trimmed_FranciscoEnjoy reading,

Francisco Perez van der Oord



vSphere 6

Last week, VMware released version 6 of their flagship hypervisor product vSphere. The most impressive enhancement is that of vMotion letting go of the vCenter management server boundary. Apart from impressive, this can also be seen as a high risk enhancement. It will, however, add to the flexibility and scalability of the vSphere product and take us one full step closer to the (hybrid) cloud.

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ITQ_LabInnovation Board

To stay on top of innovation and the latest technology, we founded the ITQ Innovation Board. With regular meetings to discuss our practice, future technological possibilities and the road ahead, we challenge and develop our expertise, service and solutions to make sure you get the best.

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VMUG-logoDutch VMUG Conference 2015

On March 19th, the Dutch VMware UserGroup Conference will be held. With a solid expected visitor count and an impressive agenda, it promises to be an inspiring day. ITQ will be well represented both on and off stage.

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brilJoin the team

Do you have a passion for technology? Are you an experienced, innovative specialist of VMware virtualization technologies looking to immerse yourself in challenging environments? Then we’d love to meet you!

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