Meeting NEN regulatory healthcare compliance

Starting January 1st 2016, compulsory reporting regarding data leaks and security breaches is in effect as part of the modernization of information confidentiality and security standards, issued by the Dutch government – in accordance with the Dutch DPA1.

This means any organization handling personal data (such as patient information) is required to report these. Healthcare providers, IT providers and third parties handling confidential patient data for Healthcare providers are all bound to this new Personal Data Protection Act, with serious financial and organizational repercussions for non-compliance.

The NEN2 provides standards for various Dutch industries such as the NEN 7510, 7512 and 7513, which all focus on information confidentiality and security in the Healthcare industry. While NEN 7512 and NEN 7513 primarily focus on the confidentiality of the lifecycle, handing and handover of confidential patient data, the NEN 7510 regulations contain guidelines pertaining to infrastructure security, network security and recoverability.

In this whitepaper we will provide a brief overview of how VMware NSX for vSphere allows to meet NEN 7510 regulations by simplifying and enhancing your infrastructure security.

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