Updated e-learning modules on VMware Partner University.

Recently, VMware updated their e-learning modules in the Partner University.
Not only the new VSP and VTSP – SV (Server Virtualization 2017) accreditation came available but also the new VTSP – DaaS (Desktop as a Service 2016) accreditation was made available.


The following modules are new:

VSP – SV (Server Virtualization 2017) – vSphere with Operations Management can help your customers achieve their unique business needs by delivering virtualization with consistent management, purpose-built to get the best performance, availability and efficiency from their infrastructure and applications. This course shows you how to successfully sell VMware’s virtualization solution: vSphere with Operations Management.

VSP Server Virtualization 2017
VSP – SV (Server Virtualization 2017) – Test Out

VTSP – SV (Server Virtualization 2017) – Is the key next step for understanding and extending your virtualization and vSphere knowledge.
This program is designed for those who are technically selling and designing solutions focused on vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) and includes tools and best practices for presenting highlights of vSphere to your customer.

VTSP-SV 2017: Introduction to Server Virtualization
VTSP-SV 2017: Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals
VTSP-SV 2017: Server Virtualization for Technical Sales Professionals
VTSP-SV 2017: Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals Test
VTSP-SV 2017: Server Virtualization for Technical Sales Professionals Test

VTSP-DaaS (Desktop as a Service 2016) – This program helps those in a technical selling role to understand and technically present VMware’s Desktop as a Service solution.

VTSP-DaaS 2016: Horizon Air Overview
VTSP-DaaS 2016: Horizon Air Selling Guide
VTSP-DaaS 2016: Horizon Air Architecture
VTSP-DaaS 2016: Horizon Air Administration
VTSP-DaaS 2016: Horizon Air Onboarding
VTSP-DaaS 2016: Accreditation Exam

The VSP – SV Accreditation is a current badge which holds 200 points towards the leaderboard, the VTSP – SV holds 400 points and finally the VTSP – DaaS holds also a 400 points. So all together 1000 points can be earned!

Make sure to subscribe to the training plan if you want to gain points towards the leaderboard and track your progress under “My Achievements” and “Transcripts”.

Happy training.

Arie-Jan Bodde


(*) Source : VMware Partner University

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