The DNA of an ITQ employee includes passion. In most cases, that’s a passion for technology. Technologies that can help our customers accelerate and enable them to go the extra mile. In this case, acceleration is quite literally because we are happy to announce that ITQ has become a Solution Adviser Partner with NVIDIA. In this partnership, we are able to help customers with the advice, design, and implementation of both the hardware as well as the software products from NVIDIA.

“NVIDIA and ITQ have a shared passion for innovation and technology”, says Robert Hellings, CEO at ITQ. “With services from ITQ and solutions from NVIDIA, we are able to help customers to take the next step in their Digital Transformation. Creating a perfect user experience or accelerating medical research are perfect examples of our combined services and products”.

One of the reasons why we think the partnership between ITQ and NVIDIA is a perfect fit is because the NVIDIA technology stack fits in multiple propositions within ITQ. Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) with VMware Horizon is where it all started. With NVIDIA GRID K1, we were able to create a great user experience with a variation of (complex) use cases. Now, many architectures later, VDI is still a great use case for NVIDIA Tesla hardware and vGPU software.

Another perfect use case for these solutions is Artificial Intelligence. Some of our customers are running machine learning or deep learning workloads on their VMware vSphere platform and heavily benefit from NVIDIA’s GPUs and virtualization software to speed up the computations and increase the number of workloads they can run simultaneously.

The partnership even extends to our Cloud-Native team, as they are able to quickly deploy NVIDIA’s Graphics Cloud containers with so much ease that designing and deploying a custom application stack for applications, like TensorFlow, isn’t necessary anymore.

To celebrate our partnership, NVIDIA has become a Gold Sponsor for our annual Transform! Event. At the event, you will be able to have a chat with the NVIDIA team and get all the answers about GPUs, the use cases, and get the best advice possible. Jits Langedijk (Solutions Architect at NVIDIA) will present a session about GPUs and how they fit in a modern enterprise.

Check his session out on the ITQ Transform! site.

Johan van Amersfoort

Author Johan van Amersfoort

Since 1999 I am part of the IT world. The first few years as a field engineer working with SBC products like WinFrame and MetaFrame and later with TS/RDS based solutions. In 2005 I had my first experience with VMware products and since then I got hooked. Especially when I saw my first vMotion :) Late 2013, it was time to make a career change. But what? Actually, it was kind-of easy. Mix Server Virtualization with SBC and Application Virtualization and what do you get? The answer is simple, End-User Computing. I applied for a job at ITQ as a Virtualization Consultant, got hired and took my career to a next level. The 3 year after that were a rollercoaster. vExpert since 2015, VCIX/VCAP's (5/6) on Data Center and Desktop & Mobility, VMware EUC Champion awards and I achieved my ultimate goal: VCDX-DTM. As EUC is going through a revolution with a lot of new tech that makes it more agile, robust, scalable, secure, manageable and pretty awesome, my main focus is on EUC. But with a passion for technology, I won't hesitate if any other cool project comes by. If you like to read more about me, you can do so on my personal blog

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10 September 2019

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