We’re passionate about Cloud-Native applications (apps) and the difference they can make to a client’s business. We’ll help create infrastructure that lets your developers and IT build, run and manage Cloud-Native apps with ease. A way of working that increases security, efficiency and accelerates business innovation.

Adopting the Cloud-Native way of working really is the most efficient way for your engineers and developers to build next-generation applications – whilst still maintaining stability, availability and durability. Just the sort of characteristics you can expect from Cloud-Native platforms such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This is a complete Cloud-Native software stack, that reduces manual infrastructure processes and is friendly to both developers and IT operators.

Whilst startups have a relatively easy time working with Cloud-Native apps, as they started in the cloud era, it’s not so straight forward for existing businesses. But help is at hand. Our specialists are ready to help organizations seamlessly migrate their developed applications to next-generation Cloud-Native platforms. And in doing so, give them the edge they need to succeed.

Use Case/Solution

Maximize developer performance

With a proper Platform As A Service (PaaS), developer performance is maximized. This is because problems such as creating ITL tickets are kept to a minimum. Now they can focus on what they’re there to do: delivering great code.

Use Case/Solution

Business enablement

We can help businesses speed up innovation, by specifying a platform where they push code all the way into production without having to manage a machine, OS or application middleware stack. Now they can adopt a true DevOps way of working.

Use Case/Solution

Application platform transfer

Established businesses have a common challenge – how do they deal with legacy? Cloud-Native gives guidance on how to treat these applications from small modifications to full rewrites. We’ll guide you through them all.


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