We are growing at an incredible rate and are always looking for the brightest, sharpest minds to join our team. Your enthusiasm, fresh ideas and tech innovation will help drive us forward. So if you’re an original thinker, who’s always on the lookout for better – we’d love to hear from you.

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Frank Nijman, Account Manager

The ‘can-do’ mentality of all ITQ’ers combined, who are always working towards a customer’s end-goal is what thrives me working for ITQ, every single day!

Johan van Amersfoort, Technical Marketing Architect

No day has been the same since I joined ITQ in 2014. By working with inspiring people on a daily basis, staying motivated to get the most out of every day is easy. At ITQ, everyone loves their job!

What is your capability?

We’re a bunch of guys with a passion for technology. That is what makes us enjoy what we do every day, what unites us and what makes us team ITQ. Do you have what it takes to become one of us? Are you ready to take your career to a whole new level? Check our vacancies here.

End-User Computing

Create one workspace for any service or app on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Software-Defined Data Center

With incredible performance and exceptional flexibility, a Software-Defined Data Center is right for all forward thinking businesses.

Software-Defined Networking Specialist

Build Software-Defined Networks with security, flexibility and automation in mind.

Hybrid Cloud

Combining on-premises and external Cloud services for greater performance, flexibility and control.

Cloud-Native Applications Developer

Let your developers and IT build, run and manage Cloud-Native applications with ease.

Cloud-Native Platform Engineer

Design, deploy and manage platforms that are built for scalability and agility.

IT Transformation Services

Transform the way your business works to achieve your system’s maximum agility and efficiency.

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Paul Geerlings


My name is Paul Geerlings. Owner and founder of ITQ. I am the Chief Technology Officer. I believe that virtually anything is possible.

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