To support and drive our booming VMware PKS and Pivotal business, ITQ is looking for a passionate DevOps engineer with focus on Kubernetes, for its branch office in Leuven, Belgium.

You are an experienced Cloud-Native platform specialist with the ability to quickly adopt and embrace new technology.

You love to help our customers with the design and implementation of solutions on top of Cloud Native platforms such as Kubernetes, so they can deploy and scale their apps automatically, securely, and in a resilient way.

You have experience with – and an opinion on – various architectural patterns such as microservices, and development related concepts and methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. You possess architectural skills: you participate or lead in the design and deployment of the technical solution, and are capable of translating business needs into technical requirements.

You are a BeNeLux resident and understand the role software development has in today’s world is fundamentally different than it was 10 years ago, and are able to challenge customers in discussions about how development can become a business driver. You are looking to immerse yourself in challenging environments to get yourself and your colleagues to a higher level.


  • A basic understanding of how Kubernetes – and preferably VMware PKS (Pivotal Container Services) – is deployed, and how it consumes (virtual) infrastructure – including Kubernetes masters/nodes, ingress/load balancers, persistent storage. No certification required, but should have deployed PKS or other non-hosted vanilla K8S in a lab environment.
  • A deep understanding of Kubernetes itself. Having achieved the CKA certification is a plus. Willingness to achieve the CKA certification is a must.
  • A deep understanding of how developers consume K8s (Certification: CKAD) is a plus.
  • A basic understanding of typical developer ecosystem tools, eg: Bamboo/Jenkins, Azure DevOps for CI, Certmanager, Terraform, APM (Dynatrace, appdynamics), Monitoring (Wavefront, Prometheus, ELK stack).
  • Familiarity with infrastructure (Compute, Network, Storage, Cloud Management). Ideally experience with the VMware and/or OpenStack portfolio.
  • Familiarity with the concept of infrastructure as code (i.e.: Terraform).
  • Knowledge of and experience with configuration management and with automation and orchestration tools (i.e. vRealize Orchestrator, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, BOSH).
  • Knowledge of and experience with source control and continuous integration/delivery tools (i.e. Jenkins, TFS, Git, Concourse CI).
  • Familiarity with distributed and asynchronous systems;
  • Knowledge of and experience with Cloud Foundry or similar PaaS platforms, and familiarity with the 12 factors.
  • Expert level knowledge of operating systems; Some skill in writing Bourne shell/PowerShell code.
  • Familiarity with one or more programming languages (C#, Java, Go, Javascript) and frameworks (.NET, JVM, NodeJS): enough to understand developers and possibly write some code yourself.


College or university level of functioning. Preferably a master’s degree in informatics or a related subject;

Several years of IT experience in designing and building (software-defined) networks at different business environments;

Good social and communication skills;

Excellent Dutch and English
speaking and writing skills.

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  3. Drive your own development and build a thriving career
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