ITQ strives to be the best independent VMware knowledge partner. All ITQ consultants contribute to this goal by trying to be the best in their field of expertise. As a result, Johan van Amersfoort has been rewarded as an End-User Computing (EUC) Champion by VMware!

VMware End-User Computing Champion

EUChampThe VMware EUC Champion group is a worldwide, but fairly small group of EUC experts who don’t work for VMware. VMware describes them as “insiders-who-are-outsiders” because of all the in-person meetings, webinars and conferences about End-User Computing technologies they attend. The EUC Champion group provides a great platform for sharing feedback, receiving product information and access to early beta programs.


The EUC Champion announcement is an extension of the vExpert accreditation. This accreditation is for the people who voluntarily add a certain level of effort to the VMware community, by speaking about VMware technology, writing blogs and/or educate other VMware users. ITQ has 7 consultants who have the vExpert status.


Johan received the EUC Champion status for all his efforts he put in to product feedback, network meetings, speaking at conferences like the NLVMUG and for writing blogs about EUC technology on the ITQ website and his own website.

We are very proud that Johan van Amersfoort has reached this elite group of experts.

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