Since our presentation at the NLVMUG last March we have been thinking about how to upgrade our shoebox-sized datacenter, to make it more awesome (is it possible?) and faster.

On May 6th we are doing our presentation at the Italian VMUG and we promised them a BYON or Build You Own NAS as an extra edition to our shoebox sized datacenter.

We started out with an Intel NUC, the same base as our ESXi hosts, and a couple of 2,5” WD spindles. As you might know an Intel NUC is equipped with only one SSD connection and we want a RAID5 solution, so this is a challenge.

And like the rest of our shoebox sized datacenter the components will be 3d printed.


After the session in Italy we will publish the exact setup and the results.

Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof

Author Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof

I work for ITQ since 2002 and work with VMware products since 2005. With my 15 years of experience in IT I can really add value to customers. My passion is to innovate big datacenters by using the latest technologies. Due to this passion I developed into a true expert on virtualization with VMware technologies. To share my passion and knowledge I’m active within the VMware community and I’m a member of the Netherlands VMUG leadership team (NLVMUG).

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1 May 2014

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