VMworld USA has once again kicked off, and with that, it is finally time to hear all about the latest tech news from VMware. Throughout the years, VMware has made some impressing announcements, including: new features, partnerships, valuable acquisitions and ambitious roadmaps. This all resulted in an impressing and constantly growing portfolio. This year VMware once again lives up to the high expectations. Not only from a technical perspective, but especially in how VMware is taking steps in executing their vision of embracing the hybrid cloud era and helping customer in their Digital Transformation. Here are some of my favorite announcements of which I think will be once again a real game changer for both business as IT.

vRealize Operations 8.0 & WaveFront

The acquisition of Wavefront a few years ago, was really exciting news in my opinion. Yet it didn’t seem to get much attention at that time, which I think that was mainly because of all the other big announcements that were during that same time-period. However, I’m glad to see that in already 2 years, Wavefront has been integrated with vRealize Operations. Wavefront is a company that purely focus itself on Multi Cloud Monitoring. Wavefront uses over 100 analytical functions and metrics that gives businesses a clear overview of their data. This data can help businesses with making decisions about Capacity Efficiency & Cost Management across multiple cloud Platforms. Which can also be a great way to measure ROI.


While this is in my opinion already really impressive, VMware is taking this even a step further with vROPS 8.0. One of the most impressive features is the announcement of the so called “What-if” Analysis. With this, the business can compare vm costs across different datacenters and platforms, identify the cheapest cluster to run their workload or track down and specify the costs per data center. Just imagine that you can compare your cost of a workload between Azure and AWS and can create a simple report or dashboard that can be viewed by the business itself. I think that is pretty neat.

Another great announcement is that vROPS 8.0 now supports Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. With AI & ML, vROPS & Wavefront can help organizations to integrate configuration and compliance, and even use intelligent remediation. Not only can AI & ML solve compliancy issues, it can also enhance operations in a continuous operation optimization cycle. This can be balancing operations for performance or consolidate machines for savings. But besides operation optimizations it can also have a more of a business intent, like ensuring SLA’s are being honored or by enforcing license control. These are just a few things of what is capable with this new technology, but it is definitely exciting to hear how customers are getting the power and control back in a multi cloud era. This way business can become more agile by using multiple (cloud) solutions, while having a clear and simple overview of what is going on and keeping control of the costs. Not only that, but by combining all of this with the ability to constantly improve or quickly changing (IT) operations with AI & ML is in my opinion invaluable. Especially when organizations want to create, execute and keep improving their business and IT strategy.


To Wrap it up

Besides the new features, VMware is making vROPs also more consistent across different platforms like vSphere, vSAN, VMware cloud on AWS and others. With the integration of Wavefront and vROPS 8.0 and by creating more consistency across the different platforms, VMware is taking the Digital Transformation to the next step and really starts to deliver a Hybrid Cloud Platform. Especially when you (v)realize that this also integrated with vRA 8.0, which is going to be my next favorite announcement that will be discussed in the upcoming article.

What do you think? Which announcement are you excited about for your business or IT organization? Let us know on our social media channels, or contact us if you want to know more.

Also, please check out part 2 for more news from VMworld 2019 in San Francisco.


Francisco Perez van der Oord Founder

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