For many years, Citrix was the market leader in End-User Computing.  VMware, as a relative newcomer in the End-User Computing space, has proven in the last 5 years that with their innovative products and strategic acquisitions they were able to take the ballgame to a whole other level. VMware is gaining market share and has proven that the full Workspace ONE Suite is capable of handling any use case. Are you in the verge of implementing an EUC solution? Or are you on a point in which a new LCM moment is approaching? This whitepaper explains the similarities and differences between the solutions of the two ISVs and helps you decide what solution to choose.

Business benefits:

  • Save time in deployment
  • Reduce costs in licensing
  • Increase supportability of your EUC stack

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Tessa Schoemaker

Author Tessa Schoemaker

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13 February 2020