Hybrid cloud is becoming mainstream and it promises to solve many of the IT challenges you are likely facing within your data centers: a rigid infrastructure, high support costs, high Capital Expenditures (CAPEX), scalability issues, and so on. But is creating a hybrid cloud really as easy as the PowerPoint slides make it seem? Can you simply just migrate your apps to any public cloud? If you, like most businesses, are running traditional applications in your data center, the answer is “unfortunately not”. Traditional applications are most often tightly coupled with the underlying infrastructure, and the network layer in particular, prohibiting workload mobility across environments.

This white paper explains why public clouds and traditional apps are inherently incompatible and introduces the concept of an enterprise-ready cloud. It positions VMware NSX at the heart of this enterprise-ready cloud as a true enabler of workload mobility and security across clouds, even for traditional applications. The white paper will also show how you can transform your traditional data center into an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud in a secure, controllable but highly pragmatic way, following the ITQ Hybrid Cloud Transformation Services approach.


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Johan van Amersfoort

Author Johan van Amersfoort

Since 1999 I am part of the IT world. The first few years as a field engineer working with SBC products like WinFrame and MetaFrame and later with TS/RDS based solutions. In 2005 I had my first experience with VMware products and since then I got hooked. Especially when I saw my first vMotion :) Late 2013, it was time to make a career change. But what? Actually, it was kind-of easy. Mix Server Virtualization with SBC and Application Virtualization and what do you get? The answer is simple, End-User Computing. I applied for a job at ITQ as a Virtualization Consultant, got hired and took my career to a next level. The 3 year after that were a rollercoaster. vExpert since 2015, VCIX/VCAP's (5/6) on Data Center and Desktop & Mobility, VMware EUC Champion awards and I achieved my ultimate goal: VCDX-DTM. As EUC is going through a revolution with a lot of new tech that makes it more agile, robust, scalable, secure, manageable and pretty awesome, my main focus is on EUC. But with a passion for technology, I won't hesitate if any other cool project comes by. If you like to read more about me, you can do so on my personal blog vHojan.nl

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7 August 2017