A growing number of universities are struggling with the management of their student’s applications and search for ways to deliver those applications to the devices. Thus, the user experience of students is suffering. Facing these challenges can be a problematic task for the IT helpdesk and IT administrators. Students are always on the move on campus, consuming data however it suits them and this way of working should be enabled, not discouraged due to a bad user experience. What can be done to improve the access to those applications and user experience?

In this whitepaper, we will present a case study which is based on a Proof of Concept how daily issues were reduced and the user experience was improved for the students of a Dutch University, by implementing VMware Workspace ONE with Horizon 7 and Identity Manager.


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Laurens van Duijn

Author Laurens van Duijn

Like most IT guys, I started young, (back in 1998) building desktop computers and repairing them. My first contact with virtualization was in 2004 when VMware Workstation rocked my x86 world. Running Linux on Windows made me feel like a wizard. Later on, in 2010, my experiences with VMware started growing when ESX 4.0 came on my path and that never stopped. For the past 8 years I've worked with a lot of different products and software like Citrix, Lync and SharePoint. I love learning and expanding my knowledge, where sharing that knowledge gives me the most satisfaction. My personal blogsite (Where Virtualization and Drones meet) can be found here.

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10 February 2017