The current digitization wave puts an ever increasing load on enterprise IT departments. At the same time the business is expecting shorter delivery times for IT services just to stay ahead of the competition. To keep delivering the right services on time enterprise IT needs a high degree of automation.

This whitepaper explains why automation is so important, what you need to automate and how this can be done.


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Christiaan Roeleveld

Author Christiaan Roeleveld

I was introduced to virtualization in 2004 and have grown addicted to the technology ever since. I like working with new technology, expand the possibilities and use it to the fullest. The last couple of years I have seen the power of infrastructure shift into software, the hardware has become less important, software is key. Software Defined will make the automation potential at the infrastructure level nearly endless. Below you can read my blogs, a personal automation blogsite can be found here .

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3 April 2017