Since the early 70s, we have been using computers in our daily work. Since the release of the IBM PC, computers have dominated our personal lives as well. In the past 10 years, other devices (next to our trusty computers) such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables have also empowered us to do our work better and improved our personal lives. For every employee in an organization, a variation of devices can help do their work better. A nurse in a hospital is generally mobile and benefits from the form factor of a tablet. A sales employee might only run cloud applications and would benefit from the portability and battery life of a Chromebook. And what about create people such as designers? The first designer who prefers to work with Windows instead of Apple products hasn’t been born yet. And the rest? Well, most organizations focus on Windows delivery on traditional PCs or laptops.

From an employee perspective, it sounds great to have a wide variation of devices to work on. From an admin perspective, the opposite is true. Adding extra types of devices generally means they need to be managed and thus brings in another point solution to stay in control. Extra solutions mean extra administrative load, extra education, and extra licenses. Something to really think about before considering more devices. That is until organizations work with VMware Workspace ONE.

VMware Workspace ONE is a single suite that lets you manage any type of device (Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, Android, iOS, etc), deploy any type of application (web, SaaS, traditional, native) and strongly focuses around the identity of the end user. A user could be working on multiple devices and the security policies that are linked to the user’s account will automatically be applied, independent of the device type. Today I could be working on a Macbook, tomorrow on a Dell Laptop, security policies will be applied in the same way. In this way, you can always ensure a device is compliant to your password policy, is encrypted and runs your corporate email fully secured.

Check out this lightboard video starring our own EUC Specialist and author of the VDI Design Guide, Johan van Amersfoort and VMware’s EUC Technologist, Brian Madden who explain the details of VMware’s Digital Workspace solution.

Would you like to know how your organization could benefit from VMware Workspace ONE? Request a complimentary whiteboard session with Johan van Amersfoort. He might even bring you a signed copy of the VDI Design Guide 🙂

Tessa Schoemaker

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14 February 2019